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Why You Don't "Backpack" With a Wheelie Suitcase

The Commissioner Zappalorto (unbelievable surname which means "hoe the garden") has denied having every thought of banning tourist wheelie suitcases (called "trolley" in Italian).

Actually none of the Italian news sources said they had been banned. They said that a law was being prepared to address the issue of delivery carts and "trolleys" that were annoying residents in the middle of the night and ruining the new Calatrava bridge, with its glass surfaces.

Why do I refer to wheely suitcases in the title of this series of posts? Well, I happen to think that wheely suitcases are a good example of a humble yet transformative transport technology. Approximately 5 years ago, I saw a presentation by Todd Litman where he was asked his views on the most transformative technological development to emerge in his lifetime. To my surprise, Todd replied “the wheely suitcase”.

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    "usual OTT reporting of the Daily Mail."

    Typical pseudo-liberal bigotry against a newspaper committing the arch sin of being popular. Or is it just the Mail's preparedness to confront issues (like the refusal to prosecute the killers of Stephen Lawrence) that pseudo-liberal papers run away from?

    Whichever: the Venetians are absolutely right. It's their city and wheelie suitcases are a noisy and congesting abomination. Let's hope London bans them from the Tube and its streets next.

    It really is about time Italy's historic cities stopped letting tourists ruin them. Tourists have carried their own bags for centuries: are today's tourists really such wimps they can't carry a few days' clothes in a shoulder bag?

    Or are they just too selfish to think of others?

    Italy might turn its mind next to the infinite number of horrible ways its businesses are destroying its countryside.

    I hope you're right, bvl. All the major news spots I'm seeing (all in English, mind you) say it's about wheeled suitcases.

    It's amazing that with so few people left living in Venice these days, that there are enough to even complain about this whether it's suitcases or delivery trolleys.