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This wood luggage rack is an essential accommodation within any good hotel or homeowner's guest room. This folding display is offered in various other finishes and strap colors. This suitcase stand, wood luggage rack will alleviate unnecessary strain on a guest's backs, as he or she will no longer be required to bend over to unpack. Each stand provides a platform to elevate bags to a level that is easier to reach. This wood luggage rack, also known as a suitcase holder, stands approximately 20"h, enabling users to easily drop their bags onto the rack. This suitcase stand will also prevent visitors from placing baggage on a bed!

Each folding luggage rack is made of solid wood and features straps for holding a variety of different-sized luggage or suitcases. The straps are very strong on these wooden luggage stands to hold large guest bags, yet still have a nice neutral color to match any hotel or guestroom. Each wood bag stand are ideal wooden luggage racks when storage space is limited. The nice folding design allows hotel room attendants to put this accessory in the room's closet when guests are not using it. Each suitcase stand or folding luggage rack can be folded and placed against the wall or under the bed to allow for more space within any room. Some hotels choose to place these wooden hotel stands in the room's closet to maintain an orderly appearance. These wooden luggage stands are meant to help guests feel at home in any guestroom or hotel. This hotel luggage rack is a fairly cheap accessory that can make a huge difference to guests. If these hotel luggage stands are what you are looking for, buy them today to meet your hotel luggage rack needs.

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If you travel to hotels a lot, then a portable luggage stand is perfect for packing on top of the suitcase and pulling out when you need it - if you can find one small enough to fit inside your suitcase. We did and it works great! Simply open your suitcase on the bed when you arrive, pull out the foldable luggage rack and turn anywhere in the room into a convenient suitcase holder. My wife would always book a twin room and use the second bed as a luggage holder, now we just use our suitcase stand which makes much more sense.

Rustic yet refined, this oak suitcase stand gives guests a place to lay their luggage, then folds away for easy storage. The project takes its inspiration from a sawbuck — a cradle used to hold logs off the ground for cutting. Set a large tray on top, and the stand doubles as a one-of-a-kind occasional table.