$60 Crosley Suitcase Record Player

Victrola Nostalgic 3-Speed Vintage Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable, Black


Suitcase Record Player | Style and transport in one piece

Continuing with our monthly featurettes we are debuting our very own suitcase record player as October’s Record Player of the Month. This crafted vintage piece is a fully restored “For Your Listening Pleasure” custom record player from 1940. This phonograph has been custom covered with a new graphic fabric and the record player has been remodeled. The unit has been fully restored from the electronics to the cabinet refurbishment.

Record players have become the new “it” electronic of the moment going hand in hand with the current vinyl revolution. Crosley’s suitcase record player has taken millennials by storm! They are easy to carry around moving in and out of dorm rooms, they can become compact to allow for more space when needed and they usually are on the cheaper side.

Victrola Portable Suitcase Record Player with Bluetooth

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Vintage suitcase record player – Etsy

We have featured a number of portable record players in the past, but we think this 1950s Fidelity suitcase record player is the cutest of the bunch. That’s because it all packs away in that rather stylish little carry case,…

1. The first things you need to do are find a vintage suitcase and record player. Decide which one is more important to you, and buy that first. Obviously the suitcase needs to be at least larger than a record. If you’re really hardcore, you could construct your own to fit a suitcase, but that’s too advanced even for me.