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What makes this suitcase so special? First is the docking strap that helps hold your extra handbag on top without the frustration of trying to hold them together. The suspension was engineered with pushing and pulling in mind to make for a smoother ride. That alone makes this a pretty great suitcase. Now we get into what makes this a real smart suitcase. The Smart Handle allows you to connect your phone so you can receive notifications, pick up calls, play and change music, and send voice-to-text messages right from your handle. The accompanying app will also let you know if you leave your suitcase anywhere and walk too far away from it. Have you ever left your suitcase somewhere and forgot? Trust us, it is terrible. It will even let you know when it arrives at baggage claim. We weren't kidding, this is a really smart suitcase. The built-in scale will let you know when your luggage is overweight so you can avoid that annoying, awkward repacking scenario in the middle of the airport because trust us...no one likes to pull out underwear in front of strangers. As of right now, the Floatti suitcase comes in four attractive colors with two metal variations.

A play based on the book was written Emil Sher. A film, , appeared in 2009. The suitcase featured in the CBC documentary was not the original but a replica. The real suitcase, on loan, was destroyed by neo-Nazi hooligans who set fire to a warehouse in Birmingham, England, in 1984.

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Realacc Aluminum Suitcase Carrying Box Case for Hubsan H501S X4 RC Quadcopter

Item Name:Aluminum Case
Color: black
Size: About 45.9cm x 10.1cm x28.9 cm
Weight: g
Usage: for Hubsan H501S X4 RC Quadcopter

With strong high density foam to keep your quadcopter secure.
Sufficient capacity, very useful and convenient to use.
This Aluminum Suitcase is good for outdoor use.
Note: The quadcopters in the backpack is not included in the package.

Package included:
1 x Aluminum Case

Having an imaginary suitcase doesn't make you crazy, we promise. Next to your real suitcase, lay out everything that will travel with you and then stack it up as if it were all inside your suitcase. When your pile is formed, assess whether it can fit in your real suitcase and add or remove items as needed. When you pack your imaginary suitcase first, you won't end up having to sit on your real suitcase to close it.