Good night, Man with the deerskin Suitcase.

'Welcome To Night Vale' Goes From Podcast To Page 11:22

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This just in: the Sheriff’s Secret Police has just issued an important request related to our earlier story. They ask that all Night Vale citizens be on the lookout for a man in a tan jacket, carrying a deerskin suitcase. He is about five or six foot something, probably with hair, and normal human features.

Two days prior, the Man in the Tan Jacket was seen standing in a park. No one can remember which park, but they were fairly certain it was a park. Or, maybe, it was in the Old Navy outlet store or near the invisible clock tower, it wasn’t quite clear. Either way, the man was definitely standing with his deerskin suitcase, and staring up at the sun for hours. He followed the bizarre glowing orb, which is somehow the source of all light and life, and– “OH GOD, the sun, are you kidding us with this thing? We don’t even have time for that mystery!” the Secret Police then interjected. Secret Police officials added that if you see a man in a tan jacket carrying a deerskin suitcase, write down what you see immediately.

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    But listeners, I think this has to have been an angel, because my face became hot, and the voice filled every part of my body, and tears were flowing down my face the instant I touched the phone receiver, and the whole room was lit up in, well, how can I describe this? A bright black beam illuminating every atomic detail. And the angel, if that is indeed who called, the angel said that the Man in the Tan Jacket with the deerskin suitcase was from a place underneath the earth. Underneath our knowledge, a vast world right below our feet.

    It shouldn't work. We shouldn't root for Cecil, cheer on his love affairwith Carlos. Tamika Flynn and Intern Dana and even that guy with thedeerskin suitcase full of flies (whose story was so beautifully told inthe first Night Vale novel, a book that is, if anything even moreimprobable than these podcast scripts) -- they live through ridiculousevents but they react to them with perfect aplomb. They manage to tripthe empathic response that makes us care about their outcomes, despitetheir outlandish lives.