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Vintiquewise(TM) Old-Fashioned Small Suitcase/Decorative Box with Straps


Antique Leather Suitcase | eBay

“I have noticed, that other old leather things — jackets, antique suitcases, some other cars, Jeremy Clarkson’s face — can have a similar effect on me,” he said.

Scaramanga offers a wide range of old, antique, vintage suitcases, Edwardian, antique leather suitcases and metal suitcases. With their authentic original shipping and airline labels and distressed finishes our old suitcases make a authentic addition to to any vintage inspired room or living space. An old fashioned suitcase makes a great stylish coffee tables, suitcase table, side tables, suitcase stand and of course the ideal storage solution above an antique or vintage wardrobe or cupboard. We stock a small range of old and vintage Samsonite suitcases and luggage. We also have hundreds of old travel trunks and antique wooden chests, coffers and trunks. Our prices start from just £20.

antique vintage suitcases | eBay

  • Product:
    Antique Wooden Suitcase

  • Model Number:
    HS100096 S/3

  • Description:

  • Antique style wooden box, set of 3pcs.
  • Material: plywood and PU leather.
  • Size: 51 x 31 x 21cm, 41 x 23 x 17cm, 31 x 18 x 13cm.
  • 2 sets/ctn/53 x 33 x 44cm/0.077cbm.
  • 730 sets/20'GP.
  • 1,510 sets/40'GP.
  • 1,780 sets/40'HQ.

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antique leather suitcase | eBay

An antique suitcase. This piece of luggage comprises a rectangular shape with a tan cloth covered hard exterior, leather handle wrap, corner protectors and silver toned hardware. A monogram of “C. F. M.” is seen to the top. The striped ...

For anyone wanting to travel the world, their journey should never begin without large travel suitcase to store all their belongings, as well as store their newly found treasures along the way. These particular antique suitcases are perfectly suited hold all the little spoils of your travels. Made with solid wood throughout and aged leather corner braces and snap locks, these are rugged enough to travel the world many times over. Beautifully covered with antique style burlap fabric that's soft to the touch. When not in use they make for stunning decor next to the couch as a makeshift table, or on the floor of the spare bedroom.